Exchange database corruption creates uncomfortable situation in the business organizations because it halts the emailing process. Exchange database is the main constituent of MS Exchange Server as it holds mailbox data of various users. Read more about How Exmerge Utility Helps Administrator in Recovering Exchange Mailboxes? »

One of the most common plights with regular MS Outlook users is the various issues that come across almost every day and corrupt few or entire database. Irrespective of several antivirus, utilities or protection, there are huge chances of data corruption that can come as a threat!  If the virus and corruption saga sounds very familiar then you might have used plethora of software to repair these corrupt files as well. Read more about How to Recover Corrupt Priv.edb file »

No matter whether an organization is big or small, these days every other business looks for a proficient and easy access to emails, notes, contacts, calendar entries, journal, and attachments. Microsoft Exchange Server delivers a messaging system that facilitates its user with a platform that allows him or her to meet all of the business requirements like security, speed and availability. Read more about Ideal approach to deal with EDB file error due to bad page link »

Exchange server or exchange mail server provide networking supports to outlook user accounts. You can also configure exchange mail server with POP3/IMAP1 websites like hotmail, gmail, yahoo mail and others. Exchange mail server stores email records of different user mailboxes in EDB and STM read more...

MS Exchange Server database utilizes EDB files to store all the messages and other items of the user account mailbox present in the Exchange Server. Usually, Exchange Server database stores thousands of user accounts with the message headers, message text and standard attachments. There are many circumstances when Exchange Server database Read more about Repair Exchange server EDB files & convert them to PST format »

MS Exchange Server corruption may cause damaging and various errors in user mailbox including complete inaccessibility of mailbox. Sometimes, corruption and damage of Exchange Server also causes loss of all the Database and public folders. There are a number of factors that Read more about Escape from Exchange server errors with EDB repair tools »

Many a times while using Exchange Server, we come across error messages that read something like “Inconsistent database files in this storage”, “Unable to mount EDB file” etc. The exact text of the messages could be a bit different from what has been cited here, however, what is important is to understand Read more about Don’t let the error messages take the shine off your Exchange Server »

Exchange’s major features consist of electronic mail, calendar, contacts and tasks; support for mobile and web-based access to information; and support for data storage. An exchange database is composed of mainly three types of files: database files (.edb and .stm matched file pairs), transaction log files (.log files) and a checkpoint file (.chk). Read more about Repair Exchange databases with Eseutil.exe »

The works which we perform with MS Outlook are synchronized with Exchange Server for further processing. But, there may be some situations when we typically encounter Exchange Server corruption or corruption in the Exchange Server database. Unexpected corruption in the database corrupts all the data and spoils our effort. Read more about Remedies to handle Exchange database corruption »

When it comes to perform communication in a most effective and secured manner, then the one platform that we all generally rely on is email application. The major population all across the world communicates around the world through electronic email. In fact, talking in context to email communication in many organizations Read more about Recovering data from damaged Exchange database file is now easy »